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Under the direction of master percussionist and drum builder Reid DeFever

Upperbody Taiko Workout-private training $50/hour

beach group classes will return in July!

A day in the sun, Santa monica Beach

a note to the begginner
Taiko drumming is something ANYONE can do, if you have ever had the desire to play a drum
now is your chance, the level of difficulty is up to you, relaxing into a simple pattern is as rewarding
as the very complex. Your body is the time keeper, so those of you that think/say you have no rhythm...
...WRONG!!...lol  If you have a beating heart -you have rhtyhm, all you need to do is listen!!

* Get a GREAT upper body workout
* learn Martial Arts stances..legs!
* basic Sword techniques
* Finding your rhythm
* Releasing stress
* Play !!
Drumming, Music and Martial Arts all at once!!

Follow the Audio link to the left for a musical example
-World/Ethnic section -Taiko Duet, yes that is 2 drummers...turn it up to get the real feel!!

Student Quotes:
" I thought it was going to be aggressive playing the drums, instead I found it very meditative" -Olivia

"I feel like I just went to the gym" -Clint

"I feel muscles I never knew I had" (refering to her forearms, back and shoulders) -Olivia

"My shoulders are worked! looking forward to the next class!" -Alan

"What a great workout" -Kataka

Taiko is Japanese for 'big drum', these drums are 2 ft x 3 ft
on a stands varying in height from 3 to 6 ft depending on the player.


All the drums used by DHARMA are handmade by Reid in his Palms studio/workshop.

play the Taiko to return home taiko drum