Time ~

Dreaming, designing and building instruments is often where you'll find the Octopus in his growing lair of drums.

Most recent creations being the Multi-Tabla & Tuned Tingsha

Lightset and Congas-5, made in partnership with Soul in the Machine.
bad-ass!!      Octopus w/Soul in the Machine   

dream, design and construction: The Octopus Chamber (pictured below on the Universal Lot) 
Octopus Chamber   @ Universal-Stuntman Awards

abla out of Tazmanian Rose Murtle, lathes are fun!!
lathe    1st tabla    1st tabla

followed by two Acrylic Tabla, castings from the Taz above, for mood lighting effect -lit red  


2-24" Oak Taiko and 10- T-taiko w/stands, also red, hmm there's a theme here!

      'trash' taiko

oh, and I just remembered the first drum I ever made...I'll get to taking it's pic sometime...

get the vibe?...play the vibes