Precision  ~

Currently performing as a Drum Soloist and Live Looping Composer (LLC).
In addition the Octopus plays regularly with
Finn MacCool, Mike Battista, and Santa Monica Symphony

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Reid is a prolific composer with new music posted weekly in the AUDIO section, so be sure to visit often and hear the latest inspiration!

Over the years Reid has played with dozens of bands and Ensembles, Past Projects include:   Soul in the Machine -  Mutaytors  -  Stirling Brig - Campanile - The RedHot Blues  -  Fabrick -  Shannon Beaty - Venice Maki -  Scarlet's Web   SPC  -  Abcents of Color - Emily O' Neary Bionica  -  Mind Empire  - False Profits -  Defrost  -   Keith Nichols  -     Man Made Souls -  Ali Weiss  -  Aspiro Orchestra -  Bakersfield Symphony -  Pacific Brass Ensemble - MoJoFuSa African Dance  -   Ashleigh Caldwell - Shirley Levi - Rio Soul - Finn MacCool - Rogue.

Additionally Reid can be found in the studio recording sessions for Television, Film & Solo CD artists.

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